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purely, eco friendly and natural.   
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Pretoria, South Africa
No odour  *  no pests  *  no burn  *  suitable for all plants  *  keeps all plants moist
Organic fertilizer,natures way .
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pretoria, manure, chicken manure, horticultural fertilizer, agricultural fertilizer, earthworm castings under construction, as in under the ground ! !
...( worms at work! ).
.beware this fertilizer is fantastic for your
plant growth !!!)

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.how to make your own herb garden!
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...We have gone Green...
Ozone Friendly
Ozone Friendly
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No odour  *  no pests  *  no burn  *  suitable for all plants  *  keeps all plants moist
Organic FUEL for plants ! ! !
"Organic fertilizer",natures way .