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Price: $ 49 Usd,ship inc
Psittacus Erithacus - 12 x 16 inches paper size
This print has been named after the artists first born
son. "Alexander Suede" ,,and also because its the first ever print edition of the Artists
work!!!. Signed/Numbered/Embossed (500 printed only)
Limited Edition Lithography prints with artists watermark
embedded in 300gm paper, super coat matt(Crinkle free!!). A stunning print of an
"African Grey
Parrot",  measuring
12 x 16 in paper size. Securely packed for safe shipping.
One of the worlds most beloved pets the African
Grey,native to Equatorial Africa and  is known for its talking and
mimicking ability.
Signed/Numbered /Embossed by the Artist
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...From the eyes of the artist to the canvas...
"Conservation is the Mother of all unborn."
" Bird painting "
Roy  Astley  Fryer