Private Art lessons and painting classes in Vaal Triangle and Parys. (Lessons given at your home or at  
the artists public studio
Professional,Private Art classes,art lessons, art teaching in the Vaal Triangle,Sasolburg,Vanderbijlpark,Parys, Meyerton and Vereeniging.
Roy Astley Fryer
International bird painter,Wildlife Artist and teacher
'Private Art classes", "Private Art teacher"
Vaal Triangle, visit his website below.
Some students, learners who are not comfortable learning to paint or draw in a public environment amongst other students, and prefer to be
taught in their own home or apartment with
one on one ,student to teacher attention. Where they do feel comfortable and stimulated. (As would
an Extra-Maths,Music or a Piano Tutor teach them in their own home on
their own piano and give them individual art teaching attention.)  
Keeping a creative mind in their comfort zone opens the creativity doors ,so as an Art(painting) mentor teaching them Art in their own
environment (studio room) can bring out the
passion of their own individual painting style and feel safe around their own artistic talents(and
don't have to carry their art back and forth to their transport from lesson to lesson.
Sometimes when leaving a group or public art class and
going home the learner can feel unsure and  lack confidence. Students
tend to remember more in their own environment where they are taught
than from a foreign one. Although being in a class, a person can also be influenced by others. Day,
weekend or evening classes...maybe you
have a close friend who wants to come and join you
at your home art class?..Maybe after a hard days work, you just want it at home in your
own comfort zone,pour yourself a glass of wine, relax and let the creative juices flow and
do art. Read more info below and make your call ,ask
all questions and book your art lesson course
Art classes,art lessons, art teaching in the Vaal Triangle,Sasolburg,Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging.
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Art classes in the Vaal Triangle
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Art painting lessons and teaching in Sasolburg
Art material suppliers for school, art scholars, hobby and craft artists in the Vaal Triangle(Sasolburg).  Private Art classes
in Vanderbijlpark ,Vereeniging ,Meyerton, Sasolburg and Parys
"Art and PAINTING CLASSES in Sasolburg", Vaal Triangle
Artist can supply, Oil paint tubes, clean white stretched sheet canvas for every new class.
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Bird Artist,South Africa,Roy Astley Fryer .Copyrights 2015
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"What is the meaning of fine art"
Creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their
imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content.
"the convergence of popular culture and fine art"
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"Art classes",lessons,teaching and tutoring in Sasolburg, Vaal Park, Vanderbijlpark , Vereeniging in the Vaal Triangle
"Art lessons"
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Professional,personal and "private art classes" given at your home or at artist's studio.
Oil paints
Do you have a passion and would love to "learn to paint"..want your own private art
...Art classes?
Private Art Lessons, Teaching Vaal Triangle, Parys,Sasolburg,Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging
* If you don't have the basic Art materials, the artist will bring and then advise you what to buy for your future art lessons...
Cell:   072 500 0055
(all hours 8am-10pm here for Private art classes Vaal Triangle,Private Art classes Sasolburg, Private Art teacher,East Rand,Springs,Benoni, Brakpan,Boksburg,Kempton Park,
Painting lessons in the Vaal Triangle. Teaching young Artists to paint and draw. Paint classes in the Vaal Triangle. Personal
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classes,drawing with charcoal,music lessons in  the Vaal Triangle.
The art of teaching students to think creative and explore the inside emotions of expressing the imagination in a visual way,
being it painting or sculpture ,can be interesting in how they communicate from the mind to everyday things they see. The
tutor is here to help with the artist to help with the practical side of the idea. With the inner mind comes the passion to
express the visual  side of the image onto Canvas/Paper to see in the real world. Form ,colour,space and composition come
into play to capture the observers mind and to finish the painting(artpiece) in there own mind and bring emotion. Picasso
once quoted:
Quote: In a painting >>> "The form and strength of the layout determines the visual impact of Art"