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Art classes in the Vaal Triangle,Art teacher
Roy Astley Fryer
International bird painter
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shop in Sasolburg
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in the Vaal Triangle"
Art painting lessons and teaching in Sasolburg
Art material suppliers for school, art scholars, hobby and craft artists in the Vaal ,"Art teacher". Art teaching
Acrylic artist paint
Artists brushes,oil,acrylic and
watercolour brushes.
Mosiac tiles(tiling) ,all of the rainbow
Artistic beading supplies.
Colour paper for framing,scrap
booking,art,colour border
framing for art,creative colours.
Stretched canvas for oil painting,acrylic
or watercolour and other mediums.
Winsor and Newton oil paint
Art scetch paper,tracing paper,pencil
drawing,charcoal,watercolour paper.
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"Art and painting classes,lessons,teaching in Sasolburg, Vaal
Oil paint tubes
Art suppliers Vaal Triangle,oil paints,watercolours paint, liquin for oil paints,canvas,easels,oil pastels,dry
pastels,watercolour paper,board,colour pencils,pens,felt tip pens,ceramic tools,painting easels,palette for
paint,Black,white,red,blue,green,purple,white,grey,beige,yellow, orange,light blue,dark red, navy blue,charcoal
black,lamp black,paynes grey,cadmium red,naples,purple,
Artist's easels
Bird Artist,South Africa,Roy Astley Fryer .Copyrights 2015
Art teacher,lessons and tutoring in the Vaal Triangle district,Sasolburg Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging
Contents on this website  * African Wildlife art. * Original Bird Art * African grey parrot art *  Cockatoo Art * Blue and gold
Macaw Art
* African Art * Alex foundation * Wild Bird Art * Amazon Parrot Art * Horse Art * Mural Art * Pet Art * Africa Safari *
Hornbill Art * African Grey Parrot prints*  Drawings * Dog Art * Tropical Art *  Island Art * Parrot Art Print * Only in Africa * Birding
in Africa * Abstract Art * Animal Art * Crow Art * Dove Art * Zebra Art * Giclee Print * Pencil Sketch * Links * Wildlife Art * Black
Krake  * Wildlife Photography * Parrot Photography * Wild Bird Photography * Reptile Photography * Caique art * Parrot Video *  
Humming bird art * Sold Framed art * Aviculture * Hyacinth art * Mandela * Robben Island * Timneh grey art * screensavers *
Parrot Species :Yellow-Naped Amazon * Moluccan Cockatoo * Sulphure Cockatoo * Blue and Gold Macaw * Mexican-Redhead
Amazon * Hawkhead Parrot * Queen of Bavaria * Scarlet Macaw * African Congo Grey Parrot * Hyacinth Macaw * Senegal Parrot
* White capped Pionus parrot * Military macaw
Wildlife Photographs on this website:*  Zebra * Impala *  Warthog * Giraffe * African Lion  *African nile crocodile* Hippo *
Kudu * Hippos * Lizard * Baboon *African lion * African Elephant * African white rhino * African buffalo * Big 5
All copyrights on, bird paintings, Parrot paintings, Parrot Art, Prints, photography (photography) by  RA Fryer     2002 / 2015
"Wild Bird Species Photographs" :Ground Hornbill * Blue Waxbill * African Gaint Heron * Gaint Kingfisher * Lilac-breasted roller
* African hornbill * Jakana * Wild canary * Vultures * Guineafowl * Heron * Brown eagle * Saddle billed storks *Egyptian geese*
Pied kingfisher * Crested barbet * Crowned crane
* Blue crane * Blackbellied coraan * Blackcollard barbet *
Bee Art
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Laser engraving company in Johannesburg
Paving in Johannesburg Pretoria
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gear,scetchpads,creative A4 paper in  many designs and colours and themes,silver charms,glitter,brushes ans palette knives
Wizz Art lessons Vaal Triangle
Art supply's ("Art Shop"), materials,Scrap booking(Scrapbooking),Modelling products, "Craft supplies", Art paints and Dyes,
craft paper,Art shop and supplies in the Vaal Triangle
,markers and highlighters,office,pencils,canvases,oil
paints,watercolour sets,drawing paper and arts and crafts. "Art and painting courses"
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Tel: (016)  973 2360
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Art equipment and products for sale.Singing lessons, pottery classes,Embroidery,piano lessons,ceramic classes.
"What is the meaning of fine art"
Creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their
imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content.
"the convergence of popular culture and fine art"
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We stock all the leading Brands in Art Supplies, local and imported, Daler-Rowney, Dala, Derwent, Winsor and Newton,
Maimeri, Reeves, Faber-Castell, Rotring, Aristo and many more.