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"Conservation is the Mother of all unborn." royastleyfryer.com 2004
~ African Hornbill art ~
ORIGINAL Oil Painting of an "African Hornbill". The
painting on canvas measures 18 x 22 inches /easy to
Price $ 750 Usd. Sold
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For Sale $2 250 Usd.
Abstract African Hornbill and Elephant painting
measuring 34 x 28 inches...An ORIGINAL on
Abstract African Art, African Hornbill, and Elephant painting..This painting is named "The call of the Wild"!  A
surrealistic painting depicting 3 elephants. They walk over the top of the painting behind a setting African sun. All
three elephants seem to be marching from left to right as though they are marching off the painting. Symbolizing
their growing absence in the wild. The shapes inside the bodies of the slotted elephants resemble the living
genes inside these animals that should be passed on for many years to come. In the foreground, three abstract
African Horn bills scream out for the preservation and conservation of all animals that roam the African plains with
them. In the far background images of birds can be seen with trees on the horizon. Directly under the elephants
are their shadows, that always loom with the possibility of poachers, and then perhaps death.
The setting sun depicts that the time draws near for their extinction if man does not start in conserving these
majestic, intelligent, sensitive and very family oriented creatures. These beautiful animals must be protected.
."Conservation is the Mother of all unborn".
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Hornbills at sunset.
Original oil painting measuring 18 x 22 inches
on  canvas. Price: $2 475Usd.inc shipping
"Point of interest"
Brush & palette knife