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~  G i c l e e  ~
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Giclee, pronounced,"Zhee-clay",the French word
for recognised in the FINE ART world describing the
advanced process for high end reproductions of
Fine Art.These prints are so accurate that
according to
accurate news"The Louve in Paris uses Giclee print
reproductions for displays of work that are held in
museum's cellars---works that would not be
otherwise shown to the public.
The Giclee process unlike standard printing
process,is time consuming and takes about half an
hour for a
"electrostatic inkjet type process"to produce each
individual painting on canvas .At the Artists studio it
hand retouched by the Artists brush.This enables
the recreation of the brushstrokes and the acual
of the original.Finally it is hand signed and
numbered and ready for framing.
This is oftern the reason for the artist to do a limited
edition,so many can enjoy it at an affordable
smaller the edition the more sort after they will be
with collectors and investors!!!
Color Permanency
Afeature of Giclee reproductions is their color
permanency.Giclee inks have achieved
unpresedented levels
of permanence for the Fine Art industry.Wilhelm
imaging research institute reports permanency
many of the pigments used by Artist on original
Distintive qualitys
Giclee prints offer uncompromising fidelity.Framed
Giclee prints displayed next to original works,can
even the most sophisticated observer.!!
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