Not all bird sightings are good. Sometimes ,seeing  these scenarios brings reality  
to the world that we live in and still know so little about regarding the wildlife
around us..So much war going on in the animal kingdom for survival. Upon waiting one
day at a bird hide, I noticed across the water to the edge a bigger bird
bouncing around from one weavers nest, to the next.I had the "binoc's" out and soon
enough pinned the species down from my birding guide book as the "Black Gabar
goshawk".He was raiding the young from the weavers nests. We saw him take out a baby
after locating the hole from the nest. A lot of noise and panic ensued from
the parents. A protective and brave male weaver attacked the goshawk. The goshawk was
fast enough this time to snatch the poor male out of the air as he was attempting to
defend his young. Very sad, but these things happen in the wild each and
everyday. Photographed Lake Panic, Skukuza, 2006
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Black Gabar-goshawk