Artists brushes,oil,acrylic and
watercolour brushes.
Winsor and Newton oil paint
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Wizzart art material and suppliers stock
a wide variety of artists materials and
hobby artist in the Vaal Triangle
Wizzart art and hobby suppliers in the Vaal Triangle,Sasolburg,Vereeniging and Vanderbijlpark
Art suppliers in the Vaal Triangle,Sasolburg,Vereeniging,Meyerton and
Vanderbijlpark,oil paints,paper,canvas,beading,hobby art,art lessons and
parrot art
Tel: (016)  973 2360
Cell:   083 998 1625
...Welcome to Wizzart, smile and have a creative day! ! !
Parrot Species :Yellow-Naped Amazon * Moluccan Cockatoo * Sulphure Cockatoo * Blue and Gold Macaw * Mexican-Redhead
Amazon * Hawkhead Parrot * Queen of Bavaria * Scarlet Macaw * African Congo Grey Parrot * Hyacinth Macaw * Senegal Parrot
* White capped Pionus parrot * Military macaw * Yellow naped amazon parrot * Thick billed parrot
* Black palm cockatoo * Greenwing macaw * Brown head parrots *
Wildlife Photographs on this website:*  Wildebeest  *  Zebra * Impala *  Warthog * Giraffe * African Lion  *African nile
crocodile* Hippo * Kudu * Hippos * Lizard * Baboon *African lion * African Elephant * African white rhino * African buffalo * Big 5
All copyrights on, bird paintings, Parrot paintings, Parrot Art, Prints, photography (photography) by  RA Fryer     2002 / 2015
"Wild Bird Species Photographs" :Ground Hornbill * Blue Waxbill * African Gaint Heron * Gaint Kingfisher * Lilac-breasted roller
* African hornbill * Jakana * Wild canary * Vultures * Guineafowl * Heron * Brown eagle * Saddle billed storks *Egyptian geese*
Pied kingfisher * Crested barbet * Crowned crane
* Blue crane * Maribu stork * Blackbellied coraan * Blackcollard barbet *
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