Conservation art of wildlife artist Roy Astley Fryer
Conservation and research on the African Ground hornbill in Southern Africa
Large black carnivorous bird with prominent red throat and face.
Neck is often puffy. Bellowing call is distinctive and has a large
black decurved bill. It's toes are distinctively arched and in flight it
shows it's broad white outer wings. The female is distinguished from
the male having a blue throat patch. Juveniles differ from
adolescent having yellow (not red) facial and throat patches. Their
habitat is in savannas, woodlands and grasslands.
An endangered
. The profits of this painting will go directly into the research
and ongoing conservation of this endangered bird.
All copyrights on Artwork and contents  by / RA Fryer  2002/6
Original Gound hornbill art
For Sale
This is an "ORIGINAL",oil painting on canvas by South African Wildlife artist Roy Astley
Fryer.The painting measures 18 x 22 inches.Painting will be securely rolled for
.Price: $485.00 Usd.Email below
All copyrights on Artwork and contents  by Fryer  2002/6
"Ground Hornbill" (Bucorvus leadbeateri)
" Bird painting "
Roy  Astley  Fryer