African masks
"African masks for sale"
For Sale $ 425 Usd.(Shipping inc.).We ship
worldwide via a 5-9 day courier.
All copyrights on Bird art,paintings,prints & digital photography  by  RA Fryer  2002/3/4/5/6/78
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African Masks      Symbolism      Design      Tribes       Religions       
This mask is currently hanging inside  the "Roy Astley Fryer" art  gallery in
South Africa (We courier art & sculptures world wide with a 3-5 day delivery
service).This is a mask from the "Chokwe" tribe.As an artist I travel to various
parts of Africa and on my journeys I sometimes find interesting African
sculptures that I purchase and then sell from time to time.
T   r   i   b   e   s
Toma     Dogon     Bete     Kuba     Bobo     Songye     Punu     Igbo     Baule     Guru     Tikar     Fang     Bamileke     
Chokwe     Dan     Kwele     Bamoun     Teke     Yoruba     Goli     
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